HAWK TALKS: Keynote Speaker

Now on the speaking circuit, Hawk delivers insight into his leadership strategy and philosophy, punctuated with incredible personal stories involving Hollywood's A-listers. Audiences are as captivated by Hawk's front row experience to the movie industry as they are by his humor, warmth, and approachability. He has a talent for speaking about his extraordinary life in a way that has universal appeal.

Hawk has given talks at Northwestern University, UCLA, USC, Pace University, Temple University, the Sarajevo Film Festival, and the Berlin Film Festival. In addition to delivering the commencement address at Chapman University (2013), Hawk has given one on one talks with Francis Coppola (LA, 2014), Tom Cruise (LA, 2013), and Jake Gyllenhaal (NYC, 2014) at the Produced By Conference, and was a keynote speaker at the Beijing Film Festival (2018).

“Unlike most commencement speakers who are preachy and boring, Hawk was simultaneously funny, thoughtful, touching and inspiring. For those of us whose lives have had ups and downs and who have faced their share of obstacles, difficulties and defeats, his story was a powerful reminder that we all have to go through trials and tribulations, and he showed himself as our brother along this path.”
Chancellor Daniele Struppa
Chapman University
“As the goal of a commencement speaker is to inspire students as they think critically about the road ahead, there can be no finer example of what it takes to make it than Hawk Koch, whose leadership and forward-thinking have helped shape how both the Academy and the Producers' Guild have responded to changes in the business.”
Dean Bob Basset
Dodge College of Film and Media Arts


Commencement Address
Chapman University, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts



Speech to the Academy
Hawk addresses members of the Motion Picture Academy.



Working in Film
Hawk speaks at a California CPA Association event.

Some themes of a 'Hawk Talk' are: